Athebaldt+Esthus, Unsolved

My name is Ekaterina. I play Lineage II since the opening of RU official servers, on server called Esthus. I play as dark, both on the inside and the outside, elves. And we, dark elven race, see our purpose in opposing light elves, and you can’t think of a better time for that than Halloween. It is time, when anything and anyone can be turned into pumpkin…. Both mighty orc titan and tricky elven mage, noble human paladin and crafty dwarf. Just cast a spell and set a new halloween decoration on one’s table. And let it shine with an invisible light in the cozy atmosphere of the patrimonial nest, on the stand of the ancient grimoire, in the glory of Shilen, Goddess of Destruction!!! And when the clock strike twelve and the darkest of all the holidays ends, our little pumpkin, no, no, will not turn into a beautiful warrior, but will forever remain a gloomy-cheerful adornment of the laboratory of a dark magician…

1st Stage