Elcardia+Cadmus, LittleB10nd

Hello everyone, I'm Lena. I've been in Lineage 2 for quite a long time. During this time, I encountered difficulties in the gameplay. My character doesn't have a horse, so I ride a fox. I started on Desperion and I don't prefer any specific chronicles, I just enjoy the flow of in-game changes. Sometimes I don't understand why this is introduced. But this does not stop me and I remain true to the project. Over the years of the game I met amazing people and dark elves, well, orcs. Dwarfs are good too, but their girls have such long bangs that they should have stayed in 2007. I have no idea how they can still farm instances these days :) And I envy the Kamaels, nevertheless they do not even have a second wing, but they can at least see the cloak. I always marvel at those players that say that it's hard for them to combine the game and work. I started to play the game when I was in the 10th grade. But I managed to finish school, then entered university, graduated and got a job. I wrote my term papers and thesis work, thanks to the help of my clannies :) Not so long ago I transferred to another server and I do not regret it. After all, the transfer was at the day of my birthday which is a great anyway. I started to make new friends and I always pretended to be a "capricious woman" or as slightly inadequate. Although in fact I'm a lot worse, but why would I spoil the first impression :) I do not like holidays like Halloween as a grown up person. I never celebrated Halloween and do not consider it a holiday. Why dress up like something if IT is already in you? Pretending is not my style. My style is riding my fox. I don't believe in magic, I prefer bats over cockroaches, and I use the broom occasionally, sweeping the floors in Clan Hall. A pumpkin for me is a vegetable that you can cook tasty. As for this contest, Halloween lets you become anyone, so I chose a slightly eye-popping image from the movie "IT", and I also love the yellow color. I look extremely young, but this year I'm turning 24, and instead getting some cats ... Warlocks I'm truly sorry ... although not. I decided to have a baby pumpkin to muffle my maternal instinct. And finally, I would like to wish the players of this project good luck and RNGesus in your favor. After all, you can't surprise anyone with gear and over-enchanted weapons, jewels, brooches and tattoos. Stay human while communicating with other players, even if you have elf's ears or green blood :-) And always remember the most important thing: your closest friend will be the first to backstab you, so beware of your Othells friends ;-)

1st Stage