Elcardia+Cadmus, Evdenia

"I do not know what to write!" - I drawled sadly and sighed, so I'll write what, as they say, from the side is more visible. "I have no idea what to write" - I said and sighed. So let me just write what I think describes me. They say I'm a wayward lady, sometimes capricious, sometimes funny. Recently I've decided to complete my master's degree. "I will study!" I said and I did. Hmm. I now think, if there was a competition of pumpkins, my cutie would have definitely won! But I'm also not bad! I really liked the theme of the photo for the contest so I made a kind of Halloween bride (many thanks to my friends for the dress and makeup). In any other time I'm a modest person with some bats in the belfry. What else to add ... I am passionate about dance, I've even performed a couple of times. I like everything about dance, from classics to modern styles. I want to continue to develop in this direction. P.S. If you liked my photo, vote plz. I wish good luck to all participants.

1st Stage