Airin+Erica, LadyHe11

When I was born, the day was dark. Dark elven village is always dark. Our mother Shilen doesn't like the light. I discovered my destiny early on - to help my comrades in battles against mutual enemies, to heal the wounded and to resurrect the fallen. My path was hard, ever monster and person tried to score a victory over a helpless Shillien Elder. But I was ready to overcome all hardships and to grow stronger and more powerful in the name of our goddess Shilen. I already know a lot, so it's time now to rule the pumpkins! During Halloween a pumpkin can transform from a usual vegetable into a key that can open a portal and summon monsters into our world in the praise of Shilen. "Summon and rule" is our motto and we, the dark elfs will show the world what we are capable of.

1st Stage