Airin+Erica, RomanMey

And so, where to start ... I'll start with a simple one. Hello everyone, call me Sanya, and despite my nickname in the game and I'm a cheerful and kind girl! I play Lineage for a long time already… Soon my little child and also my first hero will have birthdays. They will be 6 years old! So, that’s how my story started. It was like a dream. I received a link to a launcher and even the process of downloading the game that took a week didn’t cloud my expectations. Oh, these races… a lot of classes! And my choice fell on a beautiful Kamael with an awesome wing, which was quite original at that times :) I was levelling for a long time, exploring the game. I don’t spend too much time playing, so not so many people on the server know me. :( And now I have a small part of the game not only in my heart, but on my body also ~ ^_^ ~ Over time, I fell in love with this game, and, probably forever! Much has changed over this time: my one-winged Female Soldier became Spellhowler, her dual became a healer and a symbol of my favourite race can be now found on my hand, which makes me very happy. But, perhaps, you ask, what was the reason for choosing the image of Ertheia for this photo? :) It is simple. Despite my similarity with the character of Kamael, I also want to be similar to the Ertheias. Their extraordinary beauty and cuteness, childish image... as if you got into a fairy tale! They make the game seem not so menacing! Happy holiday to all, Happy Halloween! From RomanMey ~ ^_^ ~

1st Stage