Shillien, Heylisse

Hi, everyone! It is “Mister and Miss Lineage 2” and here with you again Heylisse… Stop… It has already happened before… However, it is still necessary to introduce myself, despite the fact that I am participating not for the first time. My name is Olga. I was playing for several years on Cadmus as Arbalester, but recevtly I started on Shillien. My class has also changed, as there are no Kamaels in Classic yet :( But my love to one-winged creatures hasn’t faded away. :) By the way, who told you that Kamaels do not fly?) Just one wing is not a reason to be upset. After all, you can always find something suitable for a pleasant walk over the wasteland under the light of the full moon) So on the eve of the Day of All Saints I invite you for a night walk under the starry sky of Elmoreden. :) Happy Halloween and have some delicious pumpkins = ^^ =

1st Stage