Athebaldt+Esthus, Nonamesoclever

QQ! My name is Natasha, I'm 22 and I've been playing on Esthus for 1,5 years. Recently I started at new Lineage 2 Classic server Einhasad, where I managed to get a cool nickname. I study in technical university and I like painting and reading popular science books. I am not doing photography as my EE doesn't have Focus buff in-game, I don't have it in real life either. Halloween is a rarely celebrated holiday in my country, so I like to spend the night watching creepy movies. Actually, I am afraid to watch them, but there's no better time to do so, so I watch everything that was produced in Horror category....and then I'm afraid to stay alone for a month or so. But this year I'm a real elf with dagger so I am not afraid to meet a demon on the ceiling, nor a monster in the bathroom, not even a resurrected doll. They can't happen to be in my apartment anyways... Or can they?

1st Stage