Einhasad, SemenakuKuruzki

Greetings! My name is Tatiana, I am 24 years old. I have started playing Lineage 2 as soon as our family got our first PC. There were times where I had to argue with my younger brother about whose turn it was to use the PC. But now I am an adult and I am able to play whatever I want, whenever I need. That is why I have decided to nostalgize and create my beloved Elven Elder. I graduated from pedagogical secondary school and now practice different kinds of art such as drawing, molding, sewing, singing, writing stories and fairy tales. My primary job is painting on fabric and leather, but I might paint on different materials if I am impressed with an idea. I am not very sociable but take care of my closest friends. I love nature even though I spend most of the time at home, absorbed in domestic stuff or painting fabric. I don’t have to leave home too often. I like plants and pets, I have 3 cats and a dog (as well as my brother, he is 23) and a huge kitchen garden. My weakness is sweets and sugar, I like talking about food although I don’t eat much. I like watching other people eating what I have cooked. One of my many hobbies is to dye my hair in different colors. I have already tried white, blue, dark purple and now I have light green. Sometimes I get anxious about people reacting on it. I always use smileys in my writing and I terribly want to use one in this text!!! I like reading, watching movies, TV series, shorties, cute pet videos and different video lessons (does not matter what they teach, if I had enough time I would watch the whole web) I am happy to participate in this contest, it made me to make a picture of myself with my colored hair. Thanks for your time reading this chaotic text. I still want to use a winking smiley.

1st Stage