Athebaldt+Esthus, Dionaea

Hey everyone! My name is Christina, my in-game name is Dionaea. I am an anonymous catlover. Most of my life I’ve been devoted to different mmorpg games but for past few years I’ve been playing Lineage 2. In my spare time I like reading, drawing and travelling with a friend of mine. In modern Lineage everything is possible! Even being an Ertheia summoner! You should only try. But let me tell you a Story. It was a warm October day. The rays of the sun struggled hard through the thick crown of trees. Filled with the night rain, there was a wonderful smell of wet foliage. Autumn came into its own, enveloping nature with a shawl of the coming hibernation. My summoned friend and I, were strolling around the Ruined Castle. There are rumors that the Monsters here, in these months are very harsh. Attacks on wandering travelers happened quite often, but we carelessly walked around enjoying the beauty, the last warm days of the outgoing year. A squirrel ran by, perhaps this is some relative of the great-great-great-maternal line, my summoner couldn’t target it, Exactly! It's someone of our kind!! Oh yes! A great holiday is soon! All Saints' Day! This is the Day when the dead can once again set foot on our Earth! And I'm a Summoner! I am the Great Summoner! I will be able to see my grandmother again and drink some tea with her from her fairy-tale-like set! And grandfather !! Yes, yes, I'll see my Grandfather, and I'll ask where he hid his latest pension. I really do not have enough for a new Talisman. Yes, the prices are now bitey, I almost put my ear in the Auction House. Needed adena. We must fly to the nearest city soon and find a "generous" dwarf, who would agree to sell me some Spirit Ores! Oh, the ancient summons are so expensive! Let’s go, my faithful cat! Great deeds are waiting for us! But as I was digging my inventory, unfortunately, I did not find the Scroll of Escape. And now I need to walk, luckily Aden is not so far away, and the pleasant weather pleases the eye. Life. Silence. Grace. While I was dreamin, walking along the path cheerfully, feeling the wind caressing the hair on my ears, my faithful cat found a large, fragrant bush of Gooseberry. Juicy, ripe fruit, barely kept on the branches of a bush, prying it to the ground. Undoubtedly, for such a berry in the market I will be poured a bag of adena! I hope that the owner of the bush will not become poor from one berry. Quietly crept up to the bush, we took the smallest berry, for fear of excess inventory. We, the Ertheias, are so fragile .. Conveniently embracing the fruit of my heart, we set out on a journey. But as soon as we moved a little from the bush, we heard a malicious growl and crackling of chips. The forest shuddered. Something big and spiteful was coming at us ... But this is already another story)))) "

1st Stage