1st Stage

In the world of Aden it is really easy to make a name for yourself:

The in-game quest will be available from 12th of September. You can complete the quest after submitting your photo, but do not forget to indicate in your submission the nickname of the correct character. To complete the quest find Diana in Talking Island. Do not delete or throw away quest item “Diana’s Recommendation” until the first stage ends.

The topic of your photo should be “Spirit of Halloween”.

It’s orange. It’s round. It’s a pumpkin!

It looks like an ordinary vegetable, but you can transform it into a magical artifact that can bring you victory in this contest. Weapons and spells are a lot more usual means of achieving your goals, but during Halloween it is a pumpkin that will grant you victory.

Be inventive, make something fascinating out of this large orange vegetable and send us a picture!

The main requirement for the photo is a real pumpkin. Each photo will be accompanied with the self-introduction, where you can add info not only about yourself but also about the photo.

Your photo should also include a Lineage 2 logo. Important: the logo should be an element of reality and it cannot be added by means of a graphic editor or in post-production. The size of your photo should be not less than 1000×1500px. Photo may be post-processed, but only graphic characteristics may be changed (sharpness, contrast, color balance); adding any elements drawn by hand or other items are not allowed.

The length of your introduction should be between 500 and 1000 characters including spaces.

2nd Stage starts on the 9nd of November and only 10 male and 10 female contestants will be admitted to it, based on the results of the voting. During this stage contestants will need to create a one-minute video on topic “Summon and rule”. The video should not contain human speech except for song lyrics.

During Halloween evil spirits are so eager to pierce into the world of the living.

Who will you ask for help?

Maybe you need some zombie warriors to conquer the world or just a vampire comrade for a pleasant talk while having a dinner?

Summon the dark powers into our world and record a video.

Those participants who show themselves the best will get the prizes.

Deadline for submitting videos is the 6th of December (10:00 CET); deadline for voting is 14th of December (10:00 CET).

There will be 3 winners of each gender, selected through voting.

Criteria for videos evaluation:

Contest Evaluation

Participants will be rated by users and Lineage 2 Team.

The sum of points will decide the winners.

Therefore, both popular and talented participants have a chance to make it to the final stage!

Rules for conduction of
«Mister and Miss Lineage 2 2017» event
(full version, PDF, 600 KB)