Blackbird+Ramsheart, VashPaniker

Hey everyone! My name is Arthur and this is the fourth time I participate in that contest. Well, as usual in my photo, some chaos happens. There is nothing unusual, we had to wait for normal weather and clear skies among these constant rains and winds, and also to assemble a team and here is the result: the operator as always with very shaky hands, the actors as always do everything not as intended ... In the end everything works according to the standard scenario "expectation vs reality". Expectation: A human horse, riding a pumpkin man, throws a flaming pumpkin bomb at me. I, as seen in the photo, received the Reality! There is no time to redo something, to burn one more pumpkin - blasphemy (it is better to eat :-)). In general, I'm waiting for a tub of slops and your hard words in my address on the forum, we’ll laugh later ... Good luck to all! Sincerely yours, VashPaniker :-).

1st Stage