Elcardia+Cadmus, Gomunkulus

Hello dear citizens of Elmoreden! Self-introduction is a great way to polish the ego, so I'll try to keep as short as possible ;-) I'm Gomunkuls, dark elf and a Feoh Wizard from Cadmus, even though I also play at BlackBird as a Tyrr Avatar :-) I decided to participate to show off myself and get a chance to win rewards. :-) I'm part of faithful Lineage 2 tribe since 2008 and I believe in RNGesus and Innova as its representative on Earth. I started long time ago when everything was better, the grass greener, water wetter, mobs fatter and elven girls had bigger....ears. It was our first MMORPG and people entered the world to see what's behind that rock or what's new inside that dungeon, not just to farm some adena, maybe you remember those times. Do you feel the nostalgy? :-) I met a lot of interesting people in game, some of them I met in real life and we experienced a lot together. As I mastered orc and elf transformations, sometimes I let them out :-) I don't have any bad habits. I lose my patience when I see a bike, and I lose will and I spend money for the bait when I see an elven girl with glasses. I like nature as well as other manifestation of beauty. In general, I'm a normal, kind, soft person who like cats (and lies so I could win the most of votes and het that precious prize form Innova). I hope you like my pumpkins :-) Have you managed to stay until the end of my story? You have too much of free time :-) See you in Elmoreden :-)

1st Stage