Einhasad , MFXIII

Hi all! I am Max, I play L2 since C3. (with pauses :D) Played in many servers, both free and official :)) devoted much time to RU official <3 time and money ^^. I am a sailor, and the biggest drawback of my profession is lack of good internet connection QQ… But now I got a good contract, we stay at the pier a lot and I have internet! Every gamer’s dream! BUT! we have to work a lot and I am too exhausted to level my characters… but still I find strength to level my SH <3 I am playing solo for now, but thinking about finding a nice pack :) or even continue playing solo. So, the story about the photo! Here, on a vessel I won’t find a nice outfit :(( but I found a pumpkin :D a weird one, but I have! (Anything for L2 <3 ) My thing is that I even play when I am in the open sea! Sailors should recognize that) Generally don’t be too harsh, I have passion, but don’t have the opportunity, as the ship is like a country ;)

1st Stage