Skelth, Edge

Hello there , my name is Jonathan Bobis Fernandez a 26 Spanish L2 player who´s currently playing on Skelth (l2 Classic Europe)with his brother of the same age. Writing a small introduction on english is no small feat for me but i will try to be as clear as possible. First things first , i have been playing Lineage since i was a 14 years old teen who had to share his computer with his brother and played on some shady C3 private server because there was no server for my country (or i didnt have a credit card to pay with) and along the years i have been jumping around those servers until retail lineage 2 was released for free to play with his Goddes of Destruction chronicle, where i had a blast leveling with my clan (MercilesS) partners that i met on the road playing on the forementined private servers. There we played non stop on the firsts weeks of the release , managed to amass a good amount of adena and finally save enough for a Clan Hall , after spending months playing there some of us needed a small rest from all the playing and stopped for a while, until L2 Classic was released , where we could feel again all that childhood nostalgia!.

1st Stage