Athebaldt+Esthus, Darsiss

Good day! My name is Pavel, I'm 30 years old. I play Lineage 2 from the start of Russian official servers. At the moment, I’m settled on the server Esthus, where I was transferred from Cadmus. Sometimes I had to stop playing for a while, but in spite of everything I still continue to play Lineage 2 till today. My character, whom I’ve been playing for more than three years now, is Iss Spectral Dancer, and sometimes I also play for a dwarf, who had a big jubilee not so long ago - he became 5 years old. And now few details about the photo: as we all know, some strange and unusual things happen during Halloween. During a dark-dark night, in a glomy-gloomy cave, a beardless, gray-haired dwarf performs a magical rite of reviving a very cute pumpkin. Unfortunately, and maybe not, the pumpkin did not come to life - the dwarves are not too good in magic, but, nevertheless, a very tasty pumpkin porridge turned out. Be happy! And play Lineage 2!

1st Stage