Elcardia+Cadmus, iZERG

Hi! My name is Sergey, but probably you know me as iZERG. For more than six years I've been playing? for the 104 lvl dark-eared Titan, who is a menace to all Raid Bosses and a nightmare for each and every monster in the world of Lineage II. This game helped me to sharpen my leadership skills and of course to strengthen my nervous system, which helps a lot in real life :) Apart from the game, I like to play the guitar, to practise powerlifting and to help my elven girlfriend to craft some Lineage II equipment for cosplay. The sword in the photo is a result of our hard mutual labour :) For someone Halloween can be a time of joy and leisure, but not for iZERG, the Titan! Tremble with fear as the time of the hunt has come! Each and every pumpkin in Elmoreden will be punished!

2nd Stage

1st Stage